Thursday, April 8, 2010

here's my newest art, friends.

hello everyone. thanks for taking a second to look at my new art endeavors. it's 3am and i'm exhausted, so i'll make this short and sweet. the first picture is of a necklace that I made for my good friend voodingi. it's her favorite stone, so I made a sterling silver holder for it that i strung a sterling cord through. i hope she likes it.

next is another embroidery idea i've been playing with. i like the idea of the screen printed dude throwing up all of the beautiful shiny things.

after that is my made up liar. it's a terra cotta face that i toyed around with after sculpting it in my figure sculpture class. after its first firing i sat down and painted the entire face with real make up, attached fake eyelashes and embroidered the predetermined holes i made in the face. i really like how it turned out although the pictures don't really do it justice. i need to figure out a way to seal it with the make up on it that won't be too shiny and distracting. i'm letting the make up dry tonight and see how it looks tomorrow. i'm pretty excited about this piece. it has been the instigator for a hundred new ideas. and for whatever reason ideas were just coming to me left and right today. i guess it was just one of those kinda wonderfully thoughtful days.

finally, here's a sneak peak at a brain i've been working on for another soft/metal sculpture. soft metal sculptures have kinda been my thing lately and i'm not mad about it. this is definitely a work in progress. more to come.

thanks for checking it out. have a lovely end to your week!

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