Friday, April 2, 2010

first friday art update!

yo! i have some embroideries up at the BFA warehouse tonight for first friday at railraod square. designed in collaboration with Lee Bretschneider! ( my old studio mate Heidi Zito ( also has a show tonight at 621 gallery that i'm sure will be wonderful as usual. plus, another buddy, Chris Burnett ( is having a show at Bacon and Bakin's grand opening! Bacon and Bakin' is my good friends Jackson and Mandy's new catering service where i'll be having a show soon! ( also make sure to swing by my good friends at the Milagros gallery who are always making awesome things. ( and check out Amanda Boekhout's Strange circus gallery! ( PHEW! i'm surrounded by unbelievable talent.

since I haven't posted in three days i figured i'd update with three new little things i've been playing around with. the "go" is just a little knot tying textile idea i've been playing with for a different project that i'll be posting pictures of soon. the man in the other images is hand screen printed with embroidery and sewing. yay for friday and art and the beer i'm about to drink!

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